Mystery, Magic, Voodoo & the Holy Grail

A superb collection of original, previously unpublished stories from the greats of horror, fantasy and sci-fi: Caiseal Mor, traci Harding, Beverley Harper, tess Williams, Kim Wilkins and Ian Irvine. Also included are two talented new authors: Louise Cusack and Louise Katz. the authors have worked in very different ways: a holy vessel taken at the time of the Crusades is under lock and key, or is it in a future feudal society, the prophets look for one who will bring the Change in King Arthur s time, the blood of a virgin gives an old woman immortality, but Pamela is not about to be the next dead virgin traci Harding writes a modern ghost storya writer has died with an unfinished manuscript and she wants it finished! A man tries voodoo to win the heart of a woman and a little demon visits humankind, and falls in love ... and lots more fabulous writing to feed the imagination.